Arkestra Parties 

A world funk, international sound and global food travelling party - taking over warehouses and iconic spaces in London for evenings that encompass the vibe of a jazz club in Havana, Frenchman Street in New Orleans and outdoor gigs in Dakar

We partner with chefs, whose flavours add to the rich, warm and colourful nature of the music, and exhibit exciting artists whose abstract, vivid colour schemes add the final ingredient to our sensual journey

Arkestra Presents

Arkestra Presents is a series of collaborations with pioneering brands to create a space for music, art, food and vision. We align inspiring brands with musicians and artists to bring them closer to their audiences, while creating a new, exciting, platform for their concepts and products to flourish

Arkestra DJs

Tom & Ed play sets that encompass world funk, afrobeat, soul and rare grooves to get the dancefloor shaking. Combining eclectic sounds with energy, rhythm and melody, sourced from rare vinyl collected the world over, the crowd is taken on a musical journey from jazz to soul, to afrobeat, to heavy funk, meandering the genres, continents and decades

For bookings, collaborations and enquiries please contact: